New Applications for Industrial Robotics - September 14 10:00AM - 5:00PM EDT

Today, a combination of supplier “push” and end user “pull” has resulted in the use of industrial robots expanding dramatically among non-traditional market segments and for non-traditional applications. The end result has been reduced costs, improved quality and increased productivity.  To increase that process, robotics solution providers and businesses must engage to educate each other, exchange information, describe needs and solutions, and explore synergies.

The New Markets and Applications for Industrial Robotics is a two track conference program which explores the latest advancements and robotics innovation for material handling applications and factory automation solutions.

Robotics Solutions for Materials Handling Applications 

Broadly defined, “materials handling” is the movement, selection and packing of bulk materials, parts and goods, usually in an industrial setting.  Many types of technology, including robotics, have been employed to automate materials handling processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve competitiveness.  The latest generation of robotics systems, which incorporate vision, mobility, autonomous navigation, complex manipulation and motion control, as well as greater levels of intelligence, greatly improve materials handling productivity and quality levels, as well as enable whole new classes of materials handling applications.  Sessions in the Robotics Solutions for Materials Handling track focus on the very latest advances in robotic technology for a variety of material handling applications including: 

Robotic Manufacturing Solutions for Small-to-Medium Businesses 

In the past, most industrial robots were designed for capital-intensive, large-volume manufacturing in the automotive, electronics and semiconductor industries.  These systems, which are costly, complex and inflexible, were unsuitable for smaller manufacturers, who require low cost systems that are quick to install, simple to operate and can be quickly reconfigured to support small production volumes.  Suppliers of industrial robotics solutions have expanded their product offering, as well as developed creative financing and leasing options, to support the needs of small-to-medium manufacturers (SMM), allowing them to improve productivity, cut costs and increase the quality of their products.  Sessions in Robotic Solutions for Small-to-Medium Manufacturers track focus on the business issues and technical solutions supporting manufacturing in small-to-medium business using advanced robotics technologies including: